copy cat

There are companies whose entire premise is copying (I’m sorry, drawing inspiration from) designer clothing. We do that sometimes around here too, although our sights are set a little lower. Valentino? Naw, how about Old Navy?

I bought this dress a few weeks ago and Stella fell in love with it. She rarely asks me specifically to make things for her, but she immediately asked me to make her a dress like this. It’s just a stirred tube dress and I already had white knit on hand, so why not?

I don’t mind telling you that I was quite pleased with myself about this one. I made a freezer paper stencil and painted the flowers, which was super easy. Of course the top is just stirred using elastic thread.

I will have to add straps because it doesn’t stay up. I forgot that there isn’t anything to hold it up there…

Will we ever wear these at the same time? Not on your life. But they are cute, no?


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