I’ve embarked on an arduous journey, making a men’s shirt for a particularly picky man. It’s hard, dude. There are so many little details to get just right. In the meantime, here are two easy things we’ve done.

First, smoothies. Why don’t I make these all the time? Ours had strawberries, bananas and vanilla yogurt, plus a little honey.

I used frozen strawberries, just for texture, but they were really bland. So much for that.

Stella is very into moustaches. I don’t have the heart to tell her that trend died several years ago. (Kidding, of course.)

Also easy, semi-homemade pizza. I love pizza nights. Everyone gets their own section: Stella had marinara and goat cheese, Andrew had arugula pesto with white cheddar and pancetta and I had the pesto with goat cheese. Everyone wins.

Plus, our grocery store has finally realized that people like pre-mixed dough and put it into the fridge case alongside pizza toppings. Hooray for not having to wait in line at the bakery counter.


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