the negroni

You wouldn’t know it from the silence here, but I have been sewing. Unfortunately, it’s all been on the same garment: the Negroni. I never realized the number of steps that go into a man’s shirt, and I get antsy when projects take longer than a couple of days. I was determined to do well on this shirt though, because after all, if it looked like shit it wouldn’t be worn and I would’ve wasted my time.

I got really excited about it when it started to take shape, because I think it looks super awesome. I mean, I would totally pay RTW price for a shirt like this.

When the dear husband tried on the almost finished product, the praise was overwhelming. “It certainly fits.” “Appears to be fairly professional.”

Appears to be? Fairly? Stop it, I’m blushing.

In all seriousness, I believe he does really like it, not least of all because it fits well. Who decided that men’s shirts should be cut three times as wide in the back as in the front anyway? Was there an unknown period of menswear history when Quasimoto was in charge of fit?

I’m particularly proud of the stripe link-up on the pocket. Cool right? I left off the pocket flap because I was already pushing boundaries with this particular plaid.

Sleeve cuffs and plackets … tedious but such a big payoff.

I love this shirt and if it doesn’t get the face time it deserves I’ll be wearing it over leggings.


13 thoughts on “the negroni

  1. Looks wonderful. I've made one and Brent wears it all of the time. I'd love to make another but they do take SO MUCH TIME. And they are very tedious. Great job!

  2. The shirt is absolutely fabulous! I love how well you matched up the plaid and the fit is spot on. I don't think you can find a RTW men's shirt that is as well put together as this one.I've been thinking of getting the pattern too since my husband has been dropping some not so subtle hints that I need to sew something for him.;)

  3. Thanks! It matches well on the back and pocket, but the side seams are another story. I love the finishing; the inside is as pretty as the outside.

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