a clown visits the library

I always get a kick out of those moments when things I find completely underwhelming totally make Stella’s day. Case in point: yesterday we went to the library. This is only our second trip there, the first having been cut short by the fact that Stella refused to be quiet or stay still. Since a good year or so has passed, I thought she had matured sufficiently for us to give it another go.

Now, another reason we’ve not been is that the library never has anything I want. I envy those people with great libraries; ours appears to have been last updated somewhere around 2000. So yesterday I decided to try the central branch, thinking the selection would be better.

Ha. As if. I went off my Amazon wish list and found not one item. These are not obscure authors. They are Caldecott winners and very popular books. But that didn’t matter to my Stella. She quickly snagged two books based solely on their colorful covers, and later got a third – Jungle Book 2. Really?

I was disappointed. She could not have been more thrilled.

Incidentally, she wore her new Family Reunion Dress. She picked the fabric and the pattern. I think it looks like a clown costume, but my polka dot lover thinks it’s fabulous. Proving once again that sometimes, my kid likes tacky stuff, and I just have to go with it.

I hate spending time on a garment I don’t like, but if it’s worn and loved, that’s really all that matters.


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