yes, it’s another shift dress

I know you’re tired of seeing me make the same dress, but it’s simply such an easy and perfect dress for me that I can’t help it. I have one more planned, and then I’ll be done, I promise.

I originally conceived this as being all white eyelet or lace, but when I found this ombré I couldn’t pass it up. I’m a sucker for ombré, I don’t care if it’s passé.

Of course being eyelet, I had to add a lining, which turned out really well.

And as always, the sleeve detail is my favorite part.

Andrew said I looked like Megan Draper, and at first I was all “cool, she’s hot.” But then I was all, “wait, she lives in 1966, what are you saying?” So I guess I’ll just say it’s mod. Totally a design choice.


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