should’ve known

I should have known when I pulled the fabric out of the package that this ethereal goodness was much too floaty to hang like I wanted it to.

I should have known when the “pattern” included only measurements for cutting huge rectangles.

I should have known that buying the lining fabric on impulse would end up being a bad decision.

The word that came to mind when I tried on this abomination was “disgusting.”

It’s a disaster from top to bottom. The waistband sits wayyyy too high and is way too big. The chiffon doesn’t hang elegantly but instead juts out mushroom-like at the widest point on my body. The cutting instructions for the lining assume you’re using chiffon for that too, so are cut in a way that means MY fabric has no give.

But look at this stuff! It really is beautiful and I’d love to do something with it. Suggestions?


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