most awesomest dress ever

From the moment I saw the Scirocco Dress pattern, I knew we were destined to be together. I was smitten, and more importantly, I knew the budding sartorialist in my house would be too.

I know, right?!

I used Kaffe Fassett shot cotton in spruce. It’s really true that photos just can’t convey how lovely these fabrics are. It’s green, it’s blue, it’s both. And so very soft.

It sounds trite, but the Scirocco really is the perfect mix of elegant and playful. That twisty back? Good grief.

The pattern gives some ideas for customizing the front pleat. I picked this brown ribbon from my stash and cut it in half.

The pattern is rated advanced beginner, and that might be true if the instructions/illustrations were a bit more detailed. It took me for-ev-er to figure out how it was telling me to finish the bodice shoulders. I ended up at a Crafterhours tutorial I pinned a while back and discovered, as is always the case, that I was so very close. The tutorial mentions that when you pull the straps out the bottom of the bodice, you have to keep pulling past the point where you think you should. Aha.

Oh yeah, I’ve got more of these planned.


4 thoughts on “most awesomest dress ever

  1. I love this dress. I wanted it as soon as I saw a picture of it before the pattern came out. I am trying to be good and hold off buying it as it is winter at the moment and it wont get made for awhile. I have heard the figgys pattern instructions arent the best. This scares me as i am about to make the ayashe

  2. It really is such a gorgeous pattern. I want one for myself. This was my first Figgy's pattern – another reviewer says it takes some "sewing intuition" and I would definitely agree.

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