kimono dress

Since I knew you were tired of my shift dresses, I decided on another Pattern Runway dress this time: the Easy Kimono Dress.

I was ordering broadcloth for another Negroni, and it comes in so many colors I just snuck in some more. What’s a few yards between friends?

The pattern really is easy. The only pieces are top, skirt and facings for the neck and armholes. If I had cut the right number of pieces of both fabric and interfacing I would’ve been finished in no time. Sometimes I wonder about my reading comprehension.

As you can see, it’s too snug in the hips. I’ll have to work on that, though I doubt the burrito I had tonight helped.

Of course, I cannot take photos of myself alone. And yes, she’s wearing the Scirocco again.


One thought on “kimono dress

  1. I made this dress, and i made it too snug as well. It fit up top, but down the botton made me think i needed a pair of spanx. I plan to make it again for Summer in a larger size for the skirt.

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