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I never thought I would enjoy “tedious” sewing, since my attention span is … Is that a cookie?

Anyway, I decided to take the Couture Dress sewing course on Craftsy when they put it on sale for so cheap that I just couldn’t refuse. In the first five minutes I was not only rapt with attention, I had learned techniques that will forever change my sewing.

Seriously, just watching Susan Khalje pin pattern pieces to fabric was like sewing porn to me. She does it basically one handed, with almost no effort at all. It’s extraordinary! When you teach yourself a skill, there are so many little things that you will probably just never know. At least, that’s how I felt.

Anyway, the process is quite lengthy and well, not complicated per se, but laborious. If ever I wondered why high fashion was so costly, I know now.

Central to the process is the muslin, and not just in the sense that you make a “throw-away” first for practice. I LOVE the concept of transferring all your information to fabric and never having to use the paper pieces again. My life is also permanently altered by the addition of waxed tracing paper. The huge sheets. That stuff is the bomb, truly.

I’ve put my muslin together, and frankly it fits well and I don’t know that I’ll need to make any real changes. Next up is the silk organza underlining.

Of course at the end of this process I’m going to have a dress worth probably $1000 when you factor in all the man hours and supplies. I need to start filling up my social calendar.


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