the salon

We did some home improvement yesterday since outdoors it was like the surface of the sun.


This corner of Stella’s room has always been a little sad, with spackle splotches where I patched up old nail holes. Unfortunately, I had little foresight on the paint color and don’t remember what it is, and don’t have any more of it. D’oh! So we covered it up with a salon wall of frames that we painted in bright colors. One thing about living on the sun: paint dries really fast.


I’ve had these ladies stuck in a box for close to 10 years. Andrew hates them, so I’ve never put them up. But they’re perfect for a girl’s room. The dealer told me they were painted by a fashion student in Paris in the 20s. Who knows if that’s true; I just thought they were cute.


And these prints have also been hiding in a box for 10 years. In college, we started collecting James Dean’s work, when he was painting scenes of Athens. About the time we bought the two prints here, he was moving toward painting Pete the Cat exclusively. You can barely see Pete in the bottom right corner of the print on top. We’ve had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Dean on a few occasions and he is such a friendly and engaging person. Pete the Cat really took on a life of his own after the children’s book was released.

And that was our Saturday, spent exclusively indoors. Atlanta hit an historical heat record yesterday and I’m not ashamed to say we experienced none of it.


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