orange you glad it’s friday

I’ve had a quite a week at work, but I won’t bore you with that. Suffice it to say, this tangerine dream should’ve been done days ago. All that was left was to put the elastic across the back, but it wasn’t until today that I could muster the energy.


The top is just broadcloth left over from my kimono dress, and the bottom is from the Lizzy House Outfoxed collection. I had to do some major finagling to get enough for the flounces.


On the front, I did ruffles, inspired by a Colette Patterns tip.


I made this one in the 6/7 size. The 4/5 fits my Stella like a glove, which is great, except that this pattern doesn’t have any closures and that makes it a little hard to get on and off. So this one is a tad roomy, but that’s okay.


Whew. Onto the next week.


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