before and after

For about half my life Andrew and I have been working to refinish a sideboard/buffet table his parents gave us. Okay, not really, but it feels like that long. In reality it’s been about a month, but furniture finishing has so many damn steps it takes for. ev. er.

The table was in my in-laws’ foyer but when they moved this summer they didn’t need it any longer. I’ve never really loved the table we had in our “entryway” (if you can call it that) so I figured this would be a good replacement. At first I planned to sand and stain the entire thing, but the more I looked around for inspiration, the more I leaned toward painting. And not just any painting. Bright yellow painting.

Now I know plenty of people will be APPALLED that we painted this piece of wood furniture. But it’s our home and you have to fill your home with things you love, right? Not things other people love. And so began our odyssey.

First, there was the sanding of the top. I wanted to keep it stained, so we had to get down to the raw wood. Then, we set up our own little paint booth at my parents’ house. Fortunately, Andrew has access to a paint gun powered by air compressor, which made short work of the painting part.

All sanding credit goes to Andrew. As soon as he started spraying, I loved it. LOVED.

And now that it’s done, it would be hard to overstate how much in love I am with this piece of furniture.

Get a load of that shine. I honestly lost count of how many coats of poly I put on there. I think six. With a minimum of two hours needed between coats, you can see how this seemed to drag on for years.

Can you imagine doing that detail with a paintbrush? I am so very glad we were able to spray. There is no way in hell we’d have gotten this smooth a finish either.

The drawers were originally lined with purple velvet, which had seen better days. I didn’t have velvet, so purple corduroy had to do.

So that’s the new table. And I’m good on furniture projects for the foreseeable future.


5 thoughts on “before and after

  1. It is so gorgeous! The yellow is awesome.We have a similar piece from my grandmother, and it definitely needs some work. I don't know if I'm brave enough to paint it, but I bet some sanding and several coats of poly would probably do wonders.

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