back in the saddle

After what felt like an eternity of little to no sewing, we’re back on the horse around here. Not one, but two fabric orders are on their way. One is for what can only be described as The Dress: The Fairy Tale Dress from Oliver + S. I mean, it has a crinoline, hello! Stella chose a really great floral print for it; she has taken to looking at fabric swatches with me on the iPad, first choosing a color scheme and then drilling down to the prints she likes.

In any case, before the new fabric arrived I had to do something with these two pieces that have been sitting in my stash for at least a year. I don’t even remember what I had in mind when I bought them. But I needed to do something, so they ended up as an Ice Cream Dress.

The photos are grainy because our shoot happened after sunset. We just couldn’t wait.

Without a doubt, the biggest revelation of my “career” has been the discovery of waxed tracing paper. Many years ago, I bought those little carbon paper sheets you get at the chain stores, and that was a complete disaster and total PITA. I had given up on the tracing idea for pattern markings, until I found the brilliant Susan Khalje on She uses these large waxed sheets and aside from being fun, it’s so much more accurate than any other method.

However, I forget sometimes that the wax needs to stay where it won’t be visible. It will wash out eventually, but for now, there is some extra “embellishment” on the pockets; you can see it at the “V.”

Now if UPS will get a move on, we’ll have more to show you.


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