short story

I don’t know what the hell my problem is when it comes to hemming dresses. I’m sure it has more than a little to do with the fact that it’s the last step and I’m ready to be finished. But Every. Single. Time. I hem a dress, I make it too short.

I try it on, look in the mirror and fold up the bottom to what I think is a reasonable, respectable length. Then I cut off the excess, turn up the hem and voila … stripper. Yeah, not what I was going for.


Sometimes, as with my ikat dress, it’s short but not all that bad if I just don’t sit down. This time, not so much. I put it on and laughed out loud.

This is Pattern Runway’s gathered sundress and it wasn’t meant to be a tunic. Oh well. I had to shorten the straps to make the waistband hit me at the correct point, and that’s where I went wrong. When I marked my hemline I forgot to take into account that I was also taking close to three inches off the top end. So next time, I will properly shorten the bodice from the beginning and hopefully end up with something that doesn’t need leggings to be, well, not obscene.


The pockets are the best part of this dress and the main reason I’ll be making it again. So roomy and just at the right spot, so that it’s actually comfortable to rest your hands there.


Happy weekend!


4 thoughts on “short story

  1. Don't you hate that? It's happened to me with Lisette patterns which I KNOW run short on me. Then I get what you got- stripper when in fact I had intended the dress to be appropriate for CHURCH. Umm not so much!

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