another book report

So how weird is it that my not-quite-4-year-old has homework? Is this normal? It’s nothing major, just practicing letters and numbers, but it’s like frikkin’ pulling teeth. Tonight, writing two rows of 5s and two rows of Ss took 40 minutes, no lie. I know it’s an attention span thing due to her age. At least I really, really, really hope so because I don’t know how I’ll manage for the next 18 years if this is what it will be like getting her to finish schoolwork.


Anyway, we made another Book Report Dress, this time in what is called “raspberry” shot cotton. Except it’s not raspberry, it’s purple. Whatever, pitfalls of online shopping.

I like the monochrome look, but for this pattern I like contrasting fabrics better. In fact, I saw an Oscar de la Renta runway look that combines plaid and stripes and I really dig that. I think I’ll try that out.

I am so bad when it comes to hems, as previously mentioned. This time I did rolled hems on the sleeves and bottom, eliminating the sleeve cuffs, purely because I was ready to be done. Honestly, I’m not digging the cuff-less look, but it’ll be fine.




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