seasonal decorating

My darling daughter was kind enough to point out last week that all of our neighbors have put their Halloween decorations up. And that we don’t have any. Truth be told, I’m not into seasonal decorations. I’m really not into much decoration at all, much less stuff that has to be changed out every few months. I’m a minimalist.

So to placate the 4-year-old with whom I live, I scoured Pinterest for the least offensive Halloween wreath I could find. And came up with this version by Pretty Ditty.

Is cute, no?

Pretty Ditty provided the template for the letters, which I cut down to a smaller size for our little wreath. By the way, I used a straw wreath instead of a foam one, which was way cheaper, and left the plastic shrink wrap on it.

But my favorite part is the bats. I just Google imaged “bat coloring page” and cut these guys out of card stock. I folded them in a couple spots to look more action-y.

This gem cost $9. The body of the wreath is just yarn wrapped around, with hot glue holding down the ends.

We’re quite proud.


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