the fairy tale

Many of the girls’ clothing patterns out there are designed for a kid who must go to a lot more fancy parties than mine does. On any given day, she is in some knit garment that I won’t mind terribly if it comes home covered in marker. And while I do love the intricacies of sewing an “heirloom” garment, it seems like a waste. Waste of my time, that is, when the garment will be worn maybe once or twice.

Even so, sometimes a person just needs something fancy. When the Fairy Tale Dress came out earlier this fall, I knew it’d make a great holiday dress.

Stella will be wearing this one next week when we see Santa, and probably again at one of our family events. Since I finished it last week, she has begged to wear it almost every day. Today when she spilled an entire glass of lemonade on another dress, I patted myself on the back for saying no every time.

I made a bodice muslin as suggested, but needed no alterations. Thankfully, I have a little fit model; I rarely have to make adjustments, unless I just do something wrong altogether. This size 5 fits her beautifully.

There is a crinoline under there, a first for my sewing. I accidentally cut the lining fabric a skosh too short, so I didn’t hem it and instead added a little nylon lace ribbon around the edge so it would remain longer than the tulle.

The princess is pleased.


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