a birthday dress

I’m not a huge Liberty of London fan. It’s just not my thing. And when I saw their Hello Kitty collection I dismissed it as just another “novelty print,” which I avoid like the plague. But then, I saw One Pink Duck’s Ice Cream Tunic and had to have it. The Hello Kitty images are so well incorporated into the overall print that I’ve had to point it out to everyone who’s seen the dress.

The Bubble Dress remains my favorite Oliver + S pattern. It’s polished, but not fussy.

Stella wore this for about two minutes at her party yesterday, before the dressing up began.

Not surprisingly, this $35/yard fabric is pretty amazing. Another good thing about the Bubble Dress: it only takes one yard.

Incidentally, Stella received a cool set of Hello Kitty figurines as a birthday gift.

According to my project list, I’m supposed to make another Fairy Tale Dress for Thanksgiving, but I’m not feeling too motivated after a week of housecleaning and other party prep. Hopefully a lazy Sunday will help.


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