now that’s a birthday cake

After my first birthday cake for Stella didn’t turn out as I’d hoped, we purchased a Dairy Queen cake for the second gathering. Yes, she had not one, not two, but THREE celebrations between friends and family. She doesn’t know what to do now that her birthday is really, really over. My inner baker was unfulfilled, so I returned to homemade for the final celebration.

Ah, success. The key was, of course, time. Or more accurately, distraction-free time.

The cake is my go-to chocolate, courtesy of Katie’s Kitchen. I first made it this summer for another birthday, and though I managed to make that cake look just awful, everyone flipped over how good it tasted. The frosting is from Sweetapolita, minus the Nutella.

For sure, my piping skills need work. Yeesh.

It’s not perfect, but I was quite proud of it. And can I just say, it was also delicious.

So now we are really, truly finished with my sweet Turtle’s fourth birthday. She told me she wished she was a teenager. Lord help us.



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