the washi dress

I’ve made six or seven versions of the Shift Dress, so I figured it was time to move on. The Washi Dress pattern was purchased, quite honestly, based solely on the fabulous fabric for which it’s named. Rae’s sample was just too much to resist.

Of course, it being an electronic pattern meant I’d be spending the next three months printing, taping and cutting. So maybe I’m exaggerating, but I hate that $hit. I don’t enjoy tracing either, but I seriously hate the tedious lining up of lines and dots – and then the taping, geez. So I set off on a mission to find a way to put the tiles into one file that could be printed on large-scale paper.

After some Internet sleuthing, I discovered an open-source software called Inkscape, which is like a poor man’s Illustrator. I then spent about an hour putting the tiles into one large graphics file. I was just tickled pink with myself.

But, (I should have known it couldn’t be that easy), since the pattern wasn’t set up to be printed like this, it was 40 inches wide when assembled. Most commercial printers/plotters stop at 36 inches. Fortunately, I happen to work in a field that uses printing vendors quite often and my friend at Modus ordered a roll of 40-inch-wide paper just for me. So I had my pattern printed on one big, glorious sheet of paper that needed no matching, taping or tracing.

And that brought us, eventually, here. The fabric is Dear Stella’s circle ikat from their Kallianthi collection, in sateen.

It’s not all that flattering on me, but that’s because I’m at least 20 pounds heavier than I should be. I’d like that to change, but apparently not enough to stop eating tortellini with cream sauce, followed by chocolate cake. YOLO.



2 thoughts on “the washi dress

  1. I think the dress looks great on you! The thought of cutting and taping the pattern together stopped me dead (I bought it as soon as it was released), so I have now bought a paper copy! And drafted it the same day as I got it – love paper….

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