the gift of giving

My friend Anne asked me a couple of weeks ago to work on some custom shirts for her nephew. At 4 months old, he’s yet to leave the hospital. Born with a congenital defect that required surgical repair, he’s had a rough go of it, with multiple complications. He has a PICC line, which was recently moved to his arm, so Anne had the great idea of working up some shirts to have a “break-away” sleeve so that he could wear regular clothes that still provided access to the line.

So we started with some regular Gap shirts,

unpicked the seams and added strips of Velcro.

Camille Ballerina is too small, but you get the picture. The sleeve opens all the way up to the shoulder.

So now baby Joshua has a winter wardrobe that allows for his special care but still looks “normal.”

Merry Christmas!



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