fairy tale dress, part deaux

The formula for Stella’s clothing is quite simple – twirly, bows, polka dots. So my second Fairy Tale Dress, made for Christmas gatherings, incorporates some of everything.

I love this dress so much. I wish she would wear the version with sleeves, but she’s insistent on sleeveless and I’m not going to spend the time on something that won’t be worn.

The polka dots are from Alexander Henry’s Vivienne collection, and this print is called Sprinkle. Before I started sewing (and had a kid) I’d never have imagined there could be so many kinds of polka dots. But there really is an art to designing a nice polka dot print.

I used a voile for the sash and collar this time. I found the quilting weight I used last time was just too stiff to make a nice bow.

There was a slight iron-related tulle mishap, but fortunately in a spot no one will ever see. Oops.



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