holiday hangover

When we got home from our final Christmas celebration yesterday, it was obvious that Stella’s room needed major work. I knew going into the holiday that we would have to do some serious donating, but until all of her new things were actually in the house, I didn’t realize just how bad it was.

The dollhouse Santa brought is too tall to fit under the loft bed, which is where I’d thought it would go,

and there was simply too much “stuff” on every surface. (By the way, I’m a little obsessed with my phone’s panoramic photo option.)

I’d put dress-up clothes on a curtain rod under the bed, but the one I had was so cheap that it buckled when lengthened.

There, that’s better.

There’s space for the ginormous new beanbag chair,

and a metal rod from the hardware store is much sturdier for the dress-ups.

By moving our computer equipment inside the dresser, I bought more space for the dollhouse. Now we just need a rug, which is easier said than done. I’d like a big flokati but I’m afraid it’d get nasty. How do you clean those things anyway?!

Tomorrow’s project: sewing area.



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