I started thinking about a lace dress when I saw this image from Dolce & Gabbana’s fall 2012 ad campaign

Of course that dress is quite formal, not to mention made with exquisite materials by highly skilled craftspeople. No biggie to make one for myself, eh?

Yeah, so I dumbed it down a little.

To start with, the lace I bought was like $3 a yard. It was horrible to work with ($3, what could go wrong?) and the elastic woven in to make it stretchy sort of “unraveled” when I washed it. Not so badly that it was ruined, but I’ll have to hand wash it from now on. Second, I opted for my standard shift dress instead of a more fitted look.

I’m not sold on the sleeve length, and I may shorten them. I had to line it, of course, and I used bias binding around the neckline.

As usual, I love the exposed zip.

I like the dress, but can definitively say I will NEVER use this “lace” again. I have a real talent for choosing difficult fabrics and need to go back to some safer choices for a while.



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