back on the horse

There is nothing like a beautifully written Oliver + S pattern to get my confidence back after two complete dud projects. I didn’t exercise much creativity in fabric choice, since this is the exact same as the sample, but who cares? I think it turned out perfectly.

The size four would fit better, but since that’s the cutoff between patterns, I’ve been sizing up for some time.

The roominess is a good thing, I think.

I love that the bow is not actually a “drawstring” like I thought it was. Those always get separated from their garments in our house.

I used the Solarium border print from Liesl’s Ladies Stitching Club line. I love it, and fortunately have enough left over for a Lazy Days Skirt.

Like the sample, I used a portion of the border on the shoulder straps.

I cheated and used the serger to make a thread chain. Don’t know if it’ll hold up, but it was fast.

Ahhhh. Feels good to be “successful” again.



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