more progress

I’ve made it back through 2005 in my photo archiving quest. It has been a fabulous trip down memory lane, let me tell you. The number-one thing I’ve learned: we used to go out. A lot.

I’ve created folders for each year, then divided those up into events. Some of my “events” aren’t really that – they’re just us, out, on a random day. I’m so glad I’ve always taken photos like these. They’re the real record of our lives, in addition to the “important” events.

I’ve also quite enjoyed the montage of various hairstyles and revisiting my favorite outfits.

This photo, from a friend’s wedding in 2007, is my favorite hair ever:

And this, from summer 2009, is the absolute worst thing I’ve ever done to my hair, (worse even than The Rachel I got in high school):

This shirt, in 2005, is the greatest garment I’ve ever owned:

Man, I wish I still had it.  Is there a J. Crew vault somewhere?!

Also, this outfit:

I never before and never since have been a big jacket wearer, but that one was special. Sniff.

I had about a dozen photos printed for display at home. I still need to choose and order a canvas, not to mention find somewhere to hang it. I also still need to set up photos books for all these years. Hmmm, maybe I’ve not come as far as I thought.


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