valentine peony

I wasn’t thinking about Valentine’s Day when I chose these colors; I was going for a color blocking sort of thing. But you can’t very well put red and pink together at any point in February and expect anything other than an ode to Cupid. So, now I would have something to wear if my husband and I were at all into this “holiday.” Although, he does usually get me something non-traditional. Last year I got shampoo and conditioner, which doesn’t sound at first like a great gift, but it was Bumble & Bumble and that stuff is like liquid gold.

I’m not a huge fan of the belt that comes with the pattern, so I made an obi-style one instead so I could mix and match more easily.

The fabric is a basic voile and the dress is fully lined. I machine-stitched the lining to the invisible zipper because if there’s one thing I suck at, it’s hand sewing. I really should take a class or something.



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