valentine treats

I love any holiday centered around sweets, even if said holiday is made up. I also love any and all excuses for baking, so it’s only natural that we baked up some Valentine’s Day cookies this weekend.

I’ve used this particular sugar cookie recipe once before, and though it is fussy, (as most sugar cookie doughs are), it really is delicious, and the cookies hold their shape really well. They would hold their shape even better if I adhered to the rules about chilling the dough more than I do.

I intended to cover them with royal icing and while at the store convinced myself that I had two pounds of icing sugar at home. Not so. Instead of going out again, we just used colored sugar.

I used wax paper and just sewed up the sides to make little bags, and used washi tape to stick on a card, printed from a site that I can’t find again to save my life. Google is a fickle mistress. I’ll figure it out.

Fortunately, there are only seven kids in Stella’s class. I have no qualms saying that were there many more, they’d be receiving store-bought Snoopy cards and candy.

Until Thursday, the cookies are living in my new dessert stand and dome. Thanks mom!



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