My girly girl loves polka dots of all sorts, as I’ve said before, so I’ve become somewhat of an expert at spotting (ahem) a nice dotty print. Of all the polka dots I’ve scouted, I think this one’s my favorite.

It’s from the Dear Stella Piper collection and is called Sprinkles. I love pretty much everything Dear Stella does, but they outdid themselves with the Piper collection.

My only complaint is that the pattern repeats too often from one selvedge to the other, which made it a little hard to figure out where to cut the pieces. I decided on centering the bodice on the purple band of dots and then cutting the skirt so that purple was at the bottom, to look like they were falling toward the hem. I also constructed this one so that I could attach the lining to the zipper by machine, and again I skipped the bias binding at the armholes.

As far as Stella is concerned, I probably don’t ever have to make anything other than these Fairy Tale dresses ever again.



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