simplicity 1882

This was one of those dresses I never would’ve given a second look, except that I saw some really cute versions online. So when that sale I mentioned previously came around, I bought the pattern.

The “Amazing Fit” patterns come with different pattern pieces for cup sizes and varying degrees of “curviness” but unfortunately even after taking all the requisite measurements I still had to cut a significant amount from the bodice and a bit from the skirt. I guess Simplicity and I have differing visions of “Amazing Fit.”

The bodice still doesn’t fit as well as I’d like, but I was in a time crunch. Next time I will start with the next size down and I think that will solve it.

The midriff is also too wide. It could be about two inches narrower. You can see here how much excess fabric is there.

The pattern includes detailed instructions on fitting and alterations, which are helpful. It suggests fitting with seams on the outside though, which I understand to be an established tradition, but I don’t get. I can’t get an idea of what something looks like when it’s inside-out.

Overall though I really like this pattern and I plan to make another in lightweight grey wool. It also needs a lining, because all those seams inside create some significant “visual noise.”

We celebrated my grandmother’s 75th (again) this weekend with family. We totally did not plan this color coordination; great minds think alike.



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