grainline tiny pocket tank

I skipped the main design element of Grainline's tank top, but I love it just the same. I used to want pockets in and on everything, but one day I realized how little I actually used pockets. And I'm not a fan of things that aren't used. Plus this way, sewing goes so much faster.

I lengthened it by a good 3 inches; short shirts are terribly unflattering on me. Yes, those are tonal polka dots.

These were so easy to put together.

On the first, I pinned the neck binding on to discover that it was quite short. I had to add a full 6.5 inches and bad words were said. Then when I was organizing my instruction sheets, I found a rogue pattern sheet with nothing on it except a rectangle. I'm just estimating, but I'm gonna guess it was about … 6.5 inches. Whoops.



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