chiffon fairy tale dress

After seeing this polka dot chiffon dress, I just knew I had to have one.

It was a rocky start. I forgot that since the seams would be visible, it would require French seams and, long story short, spent a lot of quality time with the seam ripper. The chiffon wasn’t the worst thing ever, but it was fairly painful. I wet it with a starch solution, then ironed it dry before cutting it out and that definitely helped.

There are several places where I couldn’t get away with French seams, so you can see the serging, namely at the waist and zipper. I hate how the zipper looks but I don’t know enough about working with chiffon to know the right way to do this. I suppose I’ll be doing some research.

I used two chiffon layers for the skirt to add some volume without tulle, and used a rolled hem. I also enlarged the neckline by half an inch; Stella complains about her other Fairy Tale Dresses being too closed up around her neck.

All told, it turned out okay, with not a lot of cursing about the fabric. Though I won’t be volunteering to make prom dresses any time soon.
ETA: I found this Grainline tutorial on inserting a zipper in chiffon; she treats the chiffon as an overlay and leaves it attached only at the waistline. But then how to deal with the open chiffon down the back of the dress? Perhaps insert the zip into both lining and overlay, per this Threads Q&A.


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