grainline kat dress

In pursuit of cute stuff to wear on our trip to the Pacific Northwest this month, I made up Grainline Studio’s Kat dress this week.


I daresay this might be my favorite garment I’ve ever made. It just so closely mirrors what I buy in a store and there is nothing about it that looks “homemade.”


The boning was a new skill for me, and nothing about it was difficult. Except it does stick me because it came in a roll and it still has a curve to it. Is there a way to “treat” it before use and make it straight?


Of course, keeping it up will be a challenge, as it always is with me and strapless dresses. From this side view I think you can see why.


3 thoughts on “grainline kat dress

  1. Wow oh wow, you look fab!
    My mother used to get me to roll the boning in the other direction for her when she was making formal dresses, maybe that will help?

    • Thanks Nicole! I am making another so I will go roll my boning the other way right now. I tried rounding the ends but it is still so pokey.

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