roller skate dress

Yesterday, we went over to the Beltline Eastside Trail for some recreation and family fun.


Stella wore a CrewCuts sundress and flip flops to ride her bike. I pointed out that this wasn’t a wise choice but didn’t argue because I figured experience is the best teacher.


On the first leg of our journey, she stopped frequently to readjust when her feet slid off the pedals. She complained of being hot and had to stop and take off her helmet when her head was “itchy.” She stopped to put on lipstick (Chapstick).


After an Odyssean journey of about half a mile, we headed back. The return leg involved frequent stops because the seat was giving her a wedgie. I pushed the bike the last few hundred yards.


When we stepped off the paved trail, she exclaimed, “Oh grody! I have dirt on my shoe AND MY FOOT!”


On the way home I explained what a “diva” is.


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