mission maxi no. 2

If there were an award for pattern of the year, it would belong to this dress.

DSC_0002It is just so flattering!

DSC_0009And how’s that for stripe matching? I was quite pleased with myself, I don’t mind saying.

DSC_0004I still didn’t do a great job with matching (or at least better coordinating) the binding. It’s not really a big deal until you get close up like this. I don’t think it would bother anyone but me.

DSC_0005Minus the thread I forgot to cut (whoops!), it’s a keeper. Already planning a third one.


3 thoughts on “mission maxi no. 2

  1. I don’t think you want the binding to match. It would draw your eye to it more rather than the overall stunning dress:-)

  2. Both your maxi dresses are gogreous! You’ve made such great fabric choices and the cut is so flattering. I actually really like that the neckband and armband stripes don’t meet with the dress ones – it breaks it up a little.

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