kat dress no. 2

Months ago I saw this dress at Old Navy and knew immediately that I needed to make it as a Kat Dress.

$T2eC16V,!w0E9szNZH8sBR)zGKlir!~~60_3Unfortunately, I couldn’t find blue bird fabric, (I admittedly did not look very hard), but I did find some awesome blue and white ikat lawn at Fashion Fabrics Club. Looks like they sold it all.

DSC_0003Somehow, I ended up cutting my bodice about an inch too narrow. So now it’s an awesome-looking dress that requires me to hold my breath the entire time I wear it. JK, it’s not that bad. Seriously though, it’s a tad tight around the ribcage, and that’s also why it’s just slightly off-center.


I wore it this weekend to Andrew’s company celebration in Orlando. I love this style of dress because it’s perfect for events like that: it’s hot but you still need to look nice. Unfortunately, I was way too laissez-faire with the sunscreen on Thursday, leaving me with strap-stripes for the party. Eek. Thank goodness it was dark.

DSC_0001This time I actually hand-finished the bodice lining as called for in the instructions, so we’ll see how that holds up. I am a notoriously bad hand sewer.



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