simplicity 2606

Many moons ago I saw this beautiful skirt on Camille Styles in an article about “dressing up” a T-shirt.


Photo by Kate Stafford

Now, if there is one piece of apparel I don’t wear, it’s circle skirts. They are hardly ever flattering, really. They are a favorite among sewing bloggers because they’re easy to make, but let’s be honest: a gathered rectangle of fabric around the waist doesn’t look good on hardly anyone.  I was really digging that granny-chic floral though.

Enter Simplicity 2606, a pleated (not gathered) elastic-waist skirt. I bought the e-pattern (NIGHTMARE but that’s another story) and was totes relieved to see that the skirt piece was actually thoughtfully drafted and was not just a rectangle. Score.


From left are my middle sister Amanda, mom Cindy, grandmother Norma and youngest sister Rachel. The two cuties on the left belong to Amanda.

Please excuse the filthy lens that resulted in that unsightly spot on my stomach. I am way too laissez-faire with the camera equipment.

The fabric is a challis from Fashion Fabrics Club and I love it to pieces. I have a good bit left over and am trying to decide what to do with it. The pattern was really great (once I got it downloaded) and quick to put together. It would be even faster if you left out the pockets. My only beef is that the waistband is too wide, but that’s my mistake. I wore it with an American Apparel bodysuit, which I like but which is definitely a challenge, undergarment-wise (it’s backless).

So, what should I do with the rest of this floral fabric? I feel like it needs just the right garment.

And one more gratuitous vacation photo:





One thought on “simplicity 2606

  1. That fabric and skirt turned out super cute! I agree with you on the gathered rectangle as a skirt not to mention I don’t really enjoy gathering anything. A good circle skirt will have a smooth waist and no gathering!

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