There’s been no sewing around here since the beginning of August, thus the blog silence. Instead, we’ve been focusing some attention on home improvement and other things around the house. I made the mistake of browsing real estate listings in our neighborhood and … yeah … we won’t be buying a new house anytime soon. So I figured we should work on this one a little.

We got a new couch and desk, and I’ve got a plethora of projects left to tackle this year. One little thing we did this weekend was spruce up the lighting in Stella’s room.

IMG_0469I got these paper IKEA lanterns when we moved here six years ago. They are seriously like $1 each.

Stella got this awesome book from one of her friends for her last birthday – it includes a project with just this kind of paper lantern and she’s been wanting to do it for some time now.

IMG_0473So we got some tissue paper and glue and went to work.

IMG_0471Pretty cute for a 30-minute project. The tissue held up a lot better than I expected; I thought it would tear really easily but it didn’t at all.

I did manage to order some fabric a few days ago and I hope I’m back at the sewing table next week.


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