playtime tunic & leggings

After a hiatus of six long weeks, I finally got back to the sewing machine with the Playtime Tunic & Leggings, one of two fall patterns from Oliver + S.

DSC_0324As a person who doesn’t have that inherent ability to “get” how things are constructed, this outfit represents a bit of a breakthrough. Because I put it together without really looking at the instructions. I read over them to make sure there wasn’t anything “weird” about the seam allowances or some such, but then I just took the pieces and put them together. It doesn’t sound like much, but believe me, that would have been unthinkable for me when I started sewing four-plus years ago.

DSC_0328Whaddya think about that legging fabric? I have been lusting after it for months, but didn’t have a reason (excuse) to buy it. I think it’s PERFECT with the plain purple top. I’m late to this wild leggings party, but I bought something equally loud for myself and I can’t wait to put those together.


I used a  bit in the pockets for the tunic. And you can see here that my serger needs some adjusting. Truth be told, it needs to go into the shop for a full tuneup, because god knows I treat it about as poorly as I possibly could.


Yay! Back in the saddle.


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