kitchen upgrades

My birthday this year was unintentionally kitchen themed. Only a week out and these items have already changed my life. For serious.

photo 1I’ve been slogging along with a two-cup food processor for YEARS. Try making soup when you have to puree it a cup at a time. Blerg. My parents got me this ah-mazing Cuisinart that holds 14 cups and I’ve already used it for everything from chopping peppers to making biscuit dough.

photo 2Weck storage jars from my middle sister. Beautiful and functional. I’ve put baking soda, pasta, oatmeal and several other things in them.

photo 3Oh yeah. A new chef’s knife. I bought my first Wusthof almost 10 years ago when we were feeding our dog a raw diet and I got tired of sawing at chicken bones with a dull knife. Before that day I thought spending $100+ on a knife was cray-cray but a really good knife is, hands down, the most important tool a kitchen can have and worth every penny.

I also got new baking sheets to replace the one my dear husband caught on fire. Yep, you can catch a baking sheet on fire. Just turn on the wrong stove eye when the sheet (complete with pizza) is on top of it then walk away for a while until it starts flaming and the smoke detector goes off.





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