“foyer” update

So apparently I never published this post, which was written many weeks ago. Oops.

To say we have a foyer would be a gross overstatement. It’s really just “the place where the door opens and you put your coat.” But it was a really anemic wall that needed an update.

DSC_0327I had an idea that I wanted to use plates, but I didn’t want to use floral or “traditional” China patterns. Just a little too chintzy for me. Although it does remind me of my Aunt Hazel’s house – she had DOZENS of those souvenir travel plates displayed in the area where we had Christmas gatherings. Seriously, they covered every wall.

DSC_0328I debated whether to paint the plates all different colors, one color or something else entirely but eventually settled on this sort of ombre motif. It’s hard to tell with the abysmal lighting in my house, but they start with light grey at the top and graduate to black at the bottom.

DSC_0329All the plates were thrifted, from Goodwill. The plain ones were something like 77 cents, while some of the “fancier” ones were $2 or $3 each. Almost all had hideous patterns of some sort, but that was easy to enough to cover with spray paint.

I had to replace two of the plates after I knocked them off the wall and they shattered into a thousand pieces. MANY curse words were said that day. Even so, this project probably cost $30 or $35.


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