family tradition

My mom got Stella a sewing machine for Christmas and we finally put it to work last weekend. It’s the Janome 11706, which is 3/4 sized and Hello Kitty branded. I read nothing but glowing reviews and it was still attractive enough that I wouldn’t mind it being on view in our home, since the “sewing room” is technically the dining room.

photo 2

It has a front loading bobbin, which was a learning curve for me since I’ve only ever had drop-in ones. Sewing machines are one of those things where written instructions are really not helpful, at least not for me. We practiced on a scrap of felt and I finally got it going well enough, but there are still some tension issues I need to work on. Or rather, I’d like to take it to a shop and have them show them what to do with it.

photo 1

I figured a good first project would be doll pajamas, since Stella’s other big Christmas gift was an American Girl* doll. I made doll clothes last year for her birthday and swore I’d never do it again. At least her hands are little. I hate those tiny pieces.

photo 1

Stella chose the fabric and trim, hopefully that’s obvious. I think she looks like a medical professional who wears “wacky” scrubs. Stella was offended at my comparison since that wasn’t the look she was going for, and she actually got kind of upset at the outcome. Being only 5, she doesn’t get that what is a cute fabric on the bolt won’t necessarily make for a cute outfit.

photo 2

I promised I would sew up a new outfit for American Girl Doll in the fabrics of my choice. So I’m back to making doll clothes. Goody.

*She is actually not a real American Girl Doll. Stella saw the Target version, Our Generation, and declared her to be an “American Girl.” So fortunately for us, we got the doll and lots of accessories for less than one real American Girl. If she takes care of and plays with this impostor maybe we can move on to the real thing.


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