denim sunday brunch skirt

It's been many weeks since I sewed anything of significance. I just haven't had the inclination, and that's actually pretty stressful for me. I keep seeing others' beautiful creations and wondering why I'm not making anything. It's the old “Pinterest guilt.” And the list of things I want to make grows ever longer and it starts to feel like a have-to-do list instead of a want-to-do list.

I did finally break the lazy streak this week with a Sunday Brunch Skirt made in some denim I've owned for probably eight years. It was left over from the first garment I ever sewed. It looked okay, but my attempt at the zipper was a disaster. Not to be deterred, I just wore long shirts.

I had forgotten how quick these are to make. If I hadn't been changing back and forth to the gold topstitching thread it would have been even faster.

It was a hit, for sure.



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