plastic animal jewelry holder

Stella’s jewelry storage situation has been dismal for quite some time. After Christmas I put up some Container Store racks but they didn’t work and promptly fell in the floor. And that’s where they stayed until today.

I’ve seen this idea floating around the interwebs, most recently at Why Don’t You Make Me, and since I was off work today I finally got around to it. I started with a collection of plastic “safari” animals.


My sacrifices…

My sacrifices...


And then cut them all in half with a hacksaw. This plastic is serious stuff; it took a lot of time and effort to saw them up. Once I got most of the way through, I could cut the rest with my old scissors. The saw left a bit of “whiskering” at the edges of the plastic so I took a lighter and melted them a bit.

The paint booth.

The paint booth.

It took a few coats to get them covered.

It took a few coats to get them covered.

I then spray painted all the pieces. I wanted to do gold, but Stella voted for turquoise and since it is her room I relented.

I knew it would come in handy.

I knew it would come in handy.

When we got Stella’s loft bed, we cut about a foot off the height, which meant losing two of the ladder steps. I thought we might need two pieces of finished wood some day, so they’ve been stuck in the closet. They were perfect for our project, so I measured where to drill holes to attach the animals.

Et voila.

Et voila.

I attached the finished project to the side of Stella’s bookcase, where she can easily reach it.

Giraffe is my favorite.

Giraffe is my favorite.

The different animals are perfect for holding all the varying items in Stella’s collection. And no, we’ve not escaped the rubber band bracelet craze.


Full moon tonight…

Tails make for good hooks.


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