field trip raglan tees

I hadn't bought this pattern since we don't have any use for cargo pants. In fact, during our recent snows, Stella played outside in pajama pants. She literally does not have even one pair of regular pants. Leggings, tights, yes. But no pants. Shameful really, but there's no use in making/buying something that will never get worn.

When the tee shirt was released separately I snatched it up though, swayed in no small part by Liesl's series on customizing it. I had purchased this fabric for a reversible Roller Skate tunic, but once I got my hands on it I was not impressed. The purple is kinda scratchy and rough. And the black was called “charcoal,” which to me means grey. Anyway, I decided to repurpose.

Now, I don't know if these will get worn either, but you can't have too many tee shirts. I lengthened it to the size 8 hem overall and made then made the back scoop down lower so they can be worn with leggings.

My only other modification was to topstitch all seams, just because I like how it looks.



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