pink plaid archer

I’m late on the Archer train, but I did finally get around to it.

The construction of this shirt was an absolute bear. Every step brought with it a new mistake, even though I set out to be as careful and detailed as possible. I spent for-ever cutting out the pieces in order to match the stripes.

See? Pretty good, huh? Yeah, unfortunately that’s not really how the button bands go. I did it backwards.

Whomp, whomp. Getting started on putting this together was the worst. The instructions are very bare bones, with no notes about things like where to put the interfacing, etc. I finally remembered there was an online step-by-step and after that I never referred to the written instructions again.

Now that I have one under my belt hopefully the next one will go along much easier.


2 thoughts on “pink plaid archer

  1. I am late to the party as well. I bought the pattern this week and am going to start tackling it this weekend. I have made a couple of Oliver and S Sketchbook shirts before, so I am pretty confident this should be the same.

  2. Well all your hard work was worth it- your shirt looks great! I love that fabric too. I have this pattern but definitely still too much in baby brain mode to attempt a shirt for the first time!

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