tiramisu dress #2

I hesitated to post these pictures because they’re just so unflattering. But in the interest of honesty, here goes.


My first Tiramisu has gotten A LOT of wear. Seriously. Since I’m struggling with extra weight, I’m down to a precious few pieces of clothing to wear to work, and I pretty much just cycle through the same outfits every week. PS – Those spots are water, a large cup of which I spilled on myself immediately before taking these photos. Serenity now.


This rayon jersey is so soft and a pretty sort of green/blue; it’s from Stylish Fabric on Amazon.

I love this pattern. I cut the pieces one day last week and sewed it up Sunday during our fourth showing of Frozen since I downloaded it last Monday. The fit isn’t perfect but I’m hopeful that it will be once I’m back down to my normal size. I topstitched all the seams, which was a great idea except for perhaps around the waist since I lost some stretch in doing so. Mental note for next time: must be able to actually get garment over head and shoulders.




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