lady skater dress

I held off for quite a while on getting the Lady Skater Dress pattern, although I don’t know why.


This is the kind of thing I wear literally every day.


Comfortable and flattering, what more can you ask?


The fabric is, of course, from the incomparable Girl Charlee. It is actually a discounted “second,” although the only problem was a printing error along the selvedge. No harm, no foul. At $3 a yard I think I’ll deal.

My only quibble with this pattern is the method for attaching the neckband. I will do it my own way next time.

In other news,


I got new glasses! What did we do before the advent of these try-at-home companies?! I don’t know how we survived and I surely hope we never return to those dark ages. Mine are from Rivet & Sway and called, appropriately, Ms. G.


6 thoughts on “lady skater dress

    • You should totally do it! I did at least three different “home try-ons” before I bought these. The quality is just as good as any frames I’ve had, they are significantly cheaper and it only took a week. They gave me a coupon code for 10% off to give to friends, KARMA10, so use that if you decide to buy some from Rivet & Sway.

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