perri pullover

We registered Stella for kindergarten last week, which was a huge deal to me. I still can’t fathom that my baby is ready to start “real” school.


I think 5 is an amazing age. At times she is so grown up. I gave her direction to act like something was funny and to laugh “for real,” and she just went right into it like she’s damn Meryl Streep.


But then she goes and does something like insist on posing with this little Pokemon thing. Self-sufficient but sweet.


She’s wearing the Perri Pullover, which is obviously way too big. I went by the sizing chart but I guess the combination of my very thin, stretchy knit and the slouchy design combined for the perfect storm of Flashdance off-the-shoulder style.

I guess I’ll just tuck it away for later in the year. I’m sure she’ll grow enough in a few months. Maybe weeks, as it’s going.




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