foxy playtime dress

This has become my go-to knit dress, although I think I might tweak the fit on the next one. I'd like it to be a leeeetle more fitted. Just a touch.

Please excuse the peanut butter pretzel lodged in her cheek like a chaw of tobacco.

For the neckline, I've started simply serging the edge and turning it under. Since I eliminate the back closure, I just have to scoop it out a little first.

God bless my in-laws for buying these pink boots. I don't think she's ever going to take them off. Whatever they cost, we've gotten our money's worth.



4 thoughts on “foxy playtime dress

  1. It’s seriously adorable. That fabric is from Girl Charlee, right? I was looking at it the other day but scared away because it didn’t have any spandex in it and I have had bad luck sewing knits without spandex (they get droopy). The print is so cute though.

    Also, did you only gather the center bit of the skirt, not all the way to the side-seams? It looks very cute that way, too. I just love the Playtime pattern.

  2. I’m curious to hear about how you did away with the back closures…I’ve eyed this pattern for awhile but the buttons in the back on a knit top always turned me off from actually buying it.

    • I just fold the back piece under at the notch and cut on the fold. Then when I finish the neckline (no facings) I use the serger to cut off a little more than usual so it will fit over her head. I thought the buttons and facings with knit were weird!

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